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Analog collage / Cut & Paste /  Image Appropriation 

Declan Morrell is an Irish artist living in New York City’s Lower East Side and making art under the name of Foxito since 2015. Foxito’s hand crafted socially engaged collage practice emanates from his childhood love for graffiti, punk rock music and fanzine culture and the paper politics of cut and paste collage making. By mixing autobiographical elements with current politics, popular culture and surrealist techniques, Foxito brings us into alienating fairy tale tableaus that operate as alternative historical artifacts.


He often creates characters like his legendary “Lord of the Dance” (the ultimate representation of patriarchal institutional violence) and places them into local NY scenarios (photographed by him) that he transforms into surreal landscapes that interrogate and deconstruct the narratives of the “American dream” that he was raised into.


Irreverent and subversive, his latest collages address the myths and horrors of religion as a power driven cult and the performative nature of nationalism in American politics while submerging his characters in a surreal mise-en-scene set on nightmarish locations.


Artistic methods: Analog Collage / Cut & Paste / Canvas painting / Image Appropriation / Photography


Describing his process: “I imagine a character in a situation, I search for images and print them, I prepare the canvas by painting its background with acrylic colors, as If I was setting a scene for a play to emerge, then the first cut determines the personality of the new piece”.


“When you cut in to the present, the future leaks out”  - William S Burroughs